Your customers’choice matters! Once they choose your Hotel it is always worth giving them a reason to come back in the future.

The diffusion of a good fragrance in the common areas of your Hotel is necessary so as to transform the guest’s stay into an extraordinary experience. Many International Hotel chains successfully adopted our solutions because of our various ranges of notes and fragrances as well as our diffusion systems effectiveness.

Since years, we have been developing new scent solutions to achieve the right atmosphere in any Hotel section: Luxury, Business or Resort. We work to get your Hotel with the best atmosphere ever, capable to turn your guest sojourn into an unforgettable one.

Smell our scent solutions effect by wandering around the lobbies, the common areas, the conference room and the SPA or any meeting point and relax area your customers hang out at during their sojourn experience


Our Solutions

Advised Fragrances:

White Tea & Fig / Seashore / Fresh Linen / Island Breeze / Noel / Festival of Spices / Golden Bamboo / Sweet Comfort / Green Fig