Nothing is better than the right fragrance spread out in the environment
Since the moment someone comes close to your house doorstep an awesome effect welcomes them together with your warming cordiality

Our ScentWave does not need any installation. You will be able to create some scenting isles in your leaving room either for your guests’reception, when you’re concentrated in reading a book or when you need to cover up your puppy’s “smells”! We take high care of you as well as that of your “pet”: our fragrances rigorously comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Code or Practice in terms of anti-toxicity and  absence of allergenic components.


Our Solutions

Advised Fragrances:

Asian Garden / Pink Grapefruit / Banana Cream Pie / Golden Bamboo / Zanzibar Mist / Sour Apple / Seashore / White Tea & Fig / Exotic Thuya / Havana Type / Fresh Linen