Theatricality is your watchword! Your customers love wandering around your sales point as they were the protagonists of a theatre setting, designed to catch their attention on your creations as well as take some time to evaluate, try-on your proposals and let their desire be triggered by the sensations arisen.  

Scents help you keep your customers from leaving your space and to allow themselves a glimpse of unexpected lux. We focus our efforts on a fantastic welcome-effect while our scent isles give a high and efficacious welcome to your customer.

Our fragrances book shop contains more than 250 solutions designed for your sales point. In case you wish a brand design perfectly cut out on your image,  our creative, psychologist and perfumer consultants are ready to work by your side to get a proper fragrance made up for your work and your ideas, thus becoming your Brand scent  design a  peculiar distinction of your company


Our Solutions

Advised Fragrances:

Sierra Rain / Cobalt / Juniper Aloe / Fine Leather / Sandalwood Fire / Black Cashmere / Patchouli Twist / Patchouli Blanc